Friday 27 March 2020

Canon Anne Rees

Anne Rees

Member of Saints for over 25 years
Co-ordinated Weeks of Accompanied Prayer (Retreats in everyday life set in parishes) for 26 years in the Canterbury Diocese
Retreat Giver
Spiritual Director
Lay Canon retired

On my usual early morning walk I rejoiced in the beautiful day.  The air was crisp, on my usual route to the seafront   there was blossom on the trees , a blackbird sang his beautiful song, a touch of frost here and there, the smell of freshly mown grass along Tankerton slopes and the sea sparkled in the sun.  The world appeared normal and then I remembered the reality of how the world now is.     It seemed surreal but as I stood watching the rhythm of the waves it reminded me of the permanent,  constant presence and love of God – always  there, often taken for granted, even ignored.

The world as we knew it  is no longer the norm for all of us.  It’s a time of isolation, anxiety and fear.
Scripture reminds us time and again the gift of God’s love and care for each one of us.  Given freely, not earned.   I am reminded of the following verse:-

“I have cared for you from the time you were born.   I am your God and will take care of you until you are old and your hair is grey.  I made you and will care for you:    Isaiah 46:3b-4a (GNB)

During this gift of time  perhaps we can use some of it to recall the love and care given to us, all that we do really appreciate but often forget.  Perhaps make a list and keep it in a book – a journal.  This can act as a reminder when we are bogged down with the present situation and loose sight of all that God has given us.

A dear friend recently gave me a book called ‘The Boy, the Mole and the Fox’ by Charlie Mackesy.
It’s full of delightful drawings and full of wisdom.   I quote one now:-

“Is your glass half empty or half full?”  asked Mole

“I think I’m grateful to have a glass”. Said the Boy.

A Prayer

Dear Loving Father
Your word alone has the power to soothe  our anxieties, refresh our spirits and cause hope to arise.
Give me a fresh vision of your love and care that I may regain the peace that you alone can give

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