Wednesday 6 January 2021

The Infant Christ - Always on the Move by Martin Garsed





 Hopefully we are all “on the move” in some form or another. We are called to change , grow through good and bad times. Frequently it is the latter that shift us in more positive ways, often painfully so.

God beckons us to “expand our spiritual dimensions”, increase the awareness of our true nature as part of His or Her eternal all embracing Love.

Let us therefore “travel” in our minds and souls, “seek and thy shall find”.  Perhaps the opportunities to do this are even greater in this time of further Lock-down ??

Be open to this possibility.

 The infant Christ was no stranger to “Being on the Move”. Mary carried him in her womb to her cousin Elizabeth in Jerusalem possibly on a donkey. Then on down to Bethlehem where she delivered Him into our humanity in a stable.

The shepherds, led by the Angels and the Wise Men followed a star. Each travelled to the see this holy event.

The Holy Family then went to the Temple in Jerusalem, as required by law for the  “purification”  and “consecration to the Lord” of their first born male child. Simeon had waited there for a long time to be a witness to this. The Angel Gabriel, who was also very much on the move, came to Joseph and indicated he should take Mary and Jesus into exile in Egypt for their safety, so on they travelled on a second donkey ?


So as we see, everyone is on the move.. Are we “on the move” So to speak ? Are we seeking to come closer to God,

                                 In our prayer life,

                                 In our being still and waiting as Simeon did,

                                 In our service to others,


                                 Can we see the Star ?

                                 Can we hear the Angels ?


The incarnate infant Christ is in every pregnant woman , in the birth of every child .

In all social settings, be it affluent societies or in slums and refugee camps, in prisons and on the migrant roads across all continents. Even in boats arriving on our Kent shores.


                                  Can we see them,

                                  Do we hear their cry,

                                  What are we doing to help or change things,

                                  Will we allow the Holy Spirit to challenge our complacency ?


It is New Year. Christ is made manifest at Epiphany again this year, lest we forget !!

Everyone is calling for “A New Normal”. That it may come soon......


It is only if you and I act “in the now” in the present, that any future can be made different, better for all humanity, those in our road, in our community, country other continents.

This is the challenge for 2021. Can we make the move in the here and now.

Let us make it our hope, our desire and our action.   AMEN

Dr Martin Garsed


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