Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Margaret Arnold

Margaret Arnold is a churchwarden at All Saints and has served in this capacity for the last four years having previously served as churchwarden under a previous vicar. She is the main organiser of the flower team at All Saints and has written and produced a number of Pantomimes at All Saints. Margaret chairs the Finance Committee at All Saints and previously worked for the Diocese Office on the Stewardship Team.

Margaret writes as follows:


The tomb was empty,
Stone walls stood silent.

For a moment that place was filled with the scent of angels.
For a moment that place was filled with the holiness of Christ.

For a moment in time that tomb held the body of Christ.

That moment in time has been remembered for centuries.
That moment in time will be remembered today and for centuries to come.
The stone walls will always tell their story.

Our church today is empty,
Its stone walls stand silent.

But God is in our church sending his light through our stained glass windows.
Light that throws patterns of Christ’s life onto the floor.
Light that throws beams of brillance onto the empty chairs.

The silent stone walls and pillars of our church will tell our story,
For they are soaked in our prayer, in our music in our faith.

The church is empty but the walls hold our moments in time.

We hold these moments too,
For in this time, our worship, praise and prayer is in a different place.
It will be so, until we return.


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